Too many indices for array in the Calculator project

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How can I solve this Error? :
IndexError: too many indices for array: array is 1-dimensional, but 3 were indexed

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import numpy as np

def calculate(list):

if(len(list) !=9):

raise ValueError("List not contain nine numbers.")


   ls = np.array(list)


   mean_rows = [ls[(0,1,2)].mean(), ls[(3,4,5)].mean(), ls[(6,7,8)].mean()]

   mean_columns = [ls[(0,3,6)].mean(), ls[(1,4,7)].mean(), ls[(2,5,8)].mean()]

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Challenge: Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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I assume by looking at the line the error is pointing at and fixing the problem?
Although the following looks weird:

So yeah, you are telling the list to grab the entry on index (0,1,2) - which is a tuple and thus a 3D coordinate. Hence it fails.

Also please look into the task and Numpy again.
By making an actual Matrix, you can utilize the .mean() with additional arguments to get the desired result.

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Thak you very much! You are right it’s a tupla, I didn’t notice.

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