Tools for web design

What tools do you use for designing your website.
Am using adobe xd, but am a beginner in using the tool

The tool that I enjoy using a whole lot is called Figma. It makes it very easy for me to create a mock up and then share the prototype with others through a link.

Believe it or not, at work I use MS Paint. :laughing: A lot of my mockup stuff is actually done just by manipulating HTML in my browser. Then I might further cut and paste and tweak in Paint.

If I’m not working on something that is based off of an existing project that I can look at, then I just use a pen and paper to rough it out and make notes. I’ve used Figma a bit for a school project. It’s pretty cool, but overkill for most of what I do.

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To create a website, these are the basic tools you need:

  1. Web Browsers - Google Chrome + Mozilla Firefox at least
  2. Version Control - Git command line
  3. Text Editor - Sublime Text/Visual Studio code
  4. Browser developer tools - Chrome/Firefox developer tools
  5. Image manipulation software: - Adobe Photoshop CS6
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Am learning web development, and how does version control work, I haven’t used github, how useful is github!

If you are looking for free software then Gimp will do just fine.

I am using Photoshop and Dreamweaver as i found it very easy to use.