Tools to keep track of fCC studies and time

Hi, what do you use to keep track of the number of hours spent coding and learning? Do you use GitHub, the wiki part, and remarks to keep track of new learning etc? Do you use a project tracker combined with something like Wakkatime and Pomello? All of these tools are great but would love to know if anybody found an integrated workflow? Thanks

I use Rescue Time to track how much time I spend coding/learning. You can group pages/apps into productive or distracting. It gives you nice graphs on the dashboard.

I don’t have any tool to track when coding on FCC, but I always use “Pomodoro Method” to improve my coding. Sometimes I took lots of time to solve challenge on FCC. So if after 25 minutes, I can’t solve something, I will stop, relax, and think outside the box, split the trouble and solve again.

P/S: if you like, you can use this method here:


I started using pomello + trello to track my projects. Really great to see where my time sinks are!

I use pomello as well. Does anybody know an android equivalent of it? also see: Best Pomodoro Timer Apps

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