Toothpaste! Project Feedback

Hi all,
I’d appreciate a bit of feedback on my Product Landing Page. I’ve still got a few things to do but so far looking good. The media query is very apparent just to display to myself at this point in time. If there’s anything that stands out I’d love some comments on it. Thanks!

(p.s. I got the product from a website that sells funny and weird items. Always a good location for inspiration. Just google and you’ll be amazed at the things people buy/sell)

Looks really cool! I like the color scheme.
Feedback: From a designer’s perspective, I would style the contact form with css, and give the contact section more space on the top & bottom so it is its own section. Looks cool!
Also, be careful with the images you use. Google images shows available, not free, images. Pixabay is a good, free for even commercial use, site.

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Thanks! I’ll throw a contact button or something that points to their site. Appreciate your feedback very much.


The only bug I see, is if you shrink the width down to the point that the background color changes, your navbar at the top and your footer at the bottom overlap the vertical scrollbar.


That’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :grinning: