Top Banner with Buttons


I can’t figure out how to get that top anchored banner in the Personal Portfolio Webpage.
Like in the example I want a box with title on the left and working buttons on the right.

I can get something like it but very messy but not the way I want.
Also, the buttons don’t move the page to the applicable section.
I can’t figure out what to use.


What I have so far is


Thanks! That’s a huge help.
That sorts out my problem…mostly.
I’m not totally satisfied because, for instance, when I click on Portfolio, part of the page gets hidden by the navbar. I need the page to drop about 50px when I click on About or Portfolio.
I’ve looked around but haven’t figured it out. I’m sure there’s an advanced trick but I’m not at that stage yet.

Thanks for any hints.

Just give the part of the page that gets hidden a padding-top of 50px - that way, the navbar will just hide the padding and your content will be fully visible.