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The platform says I have a mistake in my code. Can somebody help me, please&? Привіт усім! Не підкажете, у чому моя помилка? ось комент системи: "Ви повинні надати елементу textarea атрибут id , що відповідає атрибуту for елемента label "

              <label for="q2_a2">Do you have any questions:</label>
              <textarea id="q2_a2" cols="70" rows="5" placeholder="Question Example" name="q2_a2"></textarea>

you can’t use an id multiple times. Each id can be used only once. You need to use a different id.

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Thank you. I know about the single id, but this is the formula for using label in this way. At last, I have found the mistake. I must use 2 tags div — for label and textarea.

it doesn’t say which id to use, you are using an id already used somewhere else. You should not use an id already used in an other part of the editor

Yes. That’s why I spent 3 h finding the mistake. The system does not always correctly says about problems in the code. In my practice, it is the second time.