Серверная разработка и апи

Если вы используете Mac, откройте приложение терминала. Если вы используете Windows, откройте командную строку.
у меня винда, объясните,где находится эта командная строка

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I would suggest you install the Windows Terminal first.


Then you should be able to right-click on your desktop or any blank space inside a folder and from the right-click context menu select “Open in terminal” (or in your language).

You can also right-click the start menu and use the PowerShell option.

стоит нажать «Win+R» и ввести «cmd»

Sure, you can use the run command as well.

Just note that the path the terminal is opened in depends on how you open it. If you need to use it inside a specific folder, it is often easier to use the right-click context menu inside that folder than it is navigating from your user profile to where ever you need to use the terminal.

That is also why the code editor integrated terminal is often more useful than the stand-alone terminal because it is already open inside the folder with your code (for stuff like git, npm, etc.).