Total Hours on Certificates

Sorry, the subject line may seem weird, but I couldn’t figure out how to phrase my question. In the past, I seem to recall old certificates showing a certain amount of clock hours. As an example, Responsive Web Design took 350 hrs to complete. I could see that at one time when looking at the curriculum, but that information is no longer there and I can’t find a recent copy of what a certificate of completion looks like. Will the time it takes to complete the training show on the certificate? I need it for PD hrs.

The total time is highly variable. The old values were removed because they aren’t really representative of a single individual’s particular effort.

The estimated hourly time is present in the certification itself once you claim it

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Ah, we removed it only on the curriculum but not on the cert?

yes, exactly. As it’s a good thing to see on a cert, but on the curriculum page was causing confusion to learners

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