Tough Time In A Remote Job

Hi there, I will make this short as possible.

I am going through a very tough time in a remote developer job I got. I was recommended for the job through a friend (who had lied about it from the onset and made me get a low offer). I actually accepted because I was at my lowest point in life and was vulnerable. I just needed a job, any amount at all.

Guess what? I am being paid just $500 per month full time and I have a to feed a family plus kid.
I have been applying to some other remote dev jobs and even passed their technical code tests and assessments but nothing has yet arrived so I am stuck with this; at least for now.

The problem is that when it’s month end, they are reluctant to pay me. They have a lot of other developers; and I am the only black (maybe, racial profiling, I don’t know). I know I am the only one with the shitty salary that cannot even fuel the car for one month.

The flow is sweet and nice; but once we approach payday, communication is cut off and I get busy response till after 2 weeks extra or so. Now my salary for April is being delayed for more than 1 week now. Nobody is responding to my message, they keep saying they are busy and will pay the invoice soon. I know finance is not a problem because it’s a conglomerate.

Maybe I should just quit but I want to get another offer but I leave this one.
I need your advice and prayers, thanks !!!

I see that you’re in Nigeria, and I don’t know anything about the labor laws in Nigeria so I can’t give specific advice. In the U.S. I would tell you to contact your state’s Division of Labor office to report a violation and possibly talk to a lawyer about a suit.

YouTube video about Wage Theft