Toxic senior at work

I’m a new Django/Python developer working full-time for 1 month now.
I’m working in a team of 2 as it’s a startup, and I have a great senior, but when he assigns me to work he tells me to complete that within a fixed amount of time he allows me with.
I generally feel that the amount of time he assigns me is less than my required time cause I usually finish that work taking an over of 1-2 hours and then he checks my work and tells me that I’m slow and don’t deliver quality code even though I do 90% of the task right with some minute mistakes, then he tells me to correct and complete it and assigns me more work to do with a time span allowance of 2-3 more hours which is again, less if I be truthful. And this makes me feel really bad and hence imposter syndrome.
Is this me overthinking? Or is he really doing wrong? Any help and support will be appreciated.

I guess you are a junior developer. It is normal ,you can not achieve the tasks assigned in the time scheduled for the senior developer(Most of the them have already forgotten when they were juniors). He has much more experience, more knowledge about the language, APIs, etc.
If the task is done and he says it is not quality code it should be I guess by three factors; it is not optimized for performance, scalability or legibility. You will learn that with experience.
A senior should push but also teach. So dont feel bad it is a normal feeling for most junior developers :slight_smile:

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Sounds difficult. I’m sorry you’re in an unpleasant situation.

I think when we’re starting out, it’s natural to feel vulnerable and wonder how you’re doing. Hey, I’m a professional guitarist and I certainly remember my first gigs working with people who’d been doing it a while. And even now, every gig you’re not 100% sure if you’re going to kill it or mess up in front of the audience :slight_smile:

As far as your situation, all you can do is be the best you can be at this moment. You can’t be better. All you can do is try your best under the parameters you’ve been given.

If your senior is showing you errors and places the code isn’t good enough, all you can do is take that feedback and use it to improve. In a way it’s very lucky to have someone to show where you went wrong. That’s how you get better.

But I know it doesn’t feel good. Somehow you have to take the criticism constructively and not think it means anything bad about you as a person. It’s just part of the process of improvement.

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Yeah I’m a junior dev. I know I try my best to learn but then his behavior pushes me to fell uncomfortable and sit the whole day with my work cause of the stress.

I want to learn, no issues but I want good guidance, he doesn’t guide me but gets angry and goes back to doing his own work.

This is super normal, I had the same relationship with my first lead first 3 months. Lunch with dude couple times, don’t talk about coding during the lunch and you’ll be ok :wink:


I was in the same boat, I have changed my workplace)

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2 straight options. quit or continue… start searching for another job in the meantime but if u think, it’s temporarily problematic to be in such a stress as developer job is already stressful enough but in the long time it might give u an invaluable experience of learning & growing then stick to it… Believe in urself that u can overcome the shortcomings with experience… so try hard… quite personal opinion…

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Thanks, I have decided to continue. I did this the hard way, I talked to him and told him to be patient, as I’m a fresher and that I won’t let him down. He seems different today. let’s hope if this works.

I am appalled by the number of people who think this is okay. This is not okay for any workplace and if this was normalized at my place of work I’d immediately start looking for a new job.

You can provide constructive feedback and work without making the other person feel bad about it. As a senior developer, part of his job responsibilities are to mentor you to grow as an engineer, and part of that includes NOT making you feel bad for having growth areas.

This is something worth talking to your manager about as well.

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