Trainee role: Is this the right choice to make?

Hello fellow campers ! :relaxed:

I recently got accepted into a remote paid internship position with a first month trial and will be joining the team sometimes next week. That being said, I will be integrating one of the three main categories :

  • Front-end: around Ember-cli.
  • Back-end: using Elixir’s Phoenix.
  • Mobile: using React Native.

The choice naturally, will be entirely mine to make, and here’s where it gets blurry for me :

  • I’m a CS bachelor graduate, and I like the logical aspect of development, which explains the next point.
  • I’m litterally a design noob, and doing complex things with css can prove difficult for me (being mainly a JS guy - just began learning sass), bootstrap has been what i mainly use.
  • I love javascript and the web. Furthermore, web development is what i’ve been learning for the past year (with php before joining this awesome community).
  • My entire FCC journey has been doing the front-end certification, i’ve just completed it a week ago (you can check My github pages for an overview of my projects) and began the data visualization curriculum, which again, explains the next point.
  • I’m beyond impressed when it comes to React, it has been 2 weeks now, and love working with it (and in a lesser degree, JSX).

Looking at my skills/profile, I concluded that in an ideal world, the best fit for me at the present would be a front-end position using react, and the ideal one for my taste would be a back-end node role. However, the world doesn’t bend to fit my whims, and one should always take advantage of the opportunities he gets.

That’s why (and also because the first month is a trial) I’m leaning towards front-end and I feel learning the stack around ember-cli will be the best choice considering my directly-applicable current knowledge. But a couple of questions are still nagging me :

  • I’m I thinking about this the right way and getting the most value out of what’s presented (even if it means ditching react)?
  • Can I transition between front-end and back-end easily later in the road (even in the same company) ?

I’m sorry if this seems silly to some of you, but it’s a decision that would shape my learning path, and I really need the feedback of an insider. And most importantly, thank you for any constructive answer you provide.

Best regards,

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