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Hi Guys :smiley: My name is Matteo, I’m 29, I’ve a physic degree and I live in Italy. So, I’ve done the first course about HTML and CSS, now I’m studyng Javascript and I very like them!
I’d like ask to you some advice about how to train the skills acquired, I mean for example challenges, projects and others. Do you have any advice?
Buona giornata a tutti :smiley:


STOP learning JS and first do minimum 10 projects with HTML & CSS by googling and using your own mind ( without seeing any YT videos etc )

Once you’re fully comfortable with HTML, CSS; jump to JS and repeat projects step

Then jump to React or any other FE framework of your choice and repeat projects step again.

Mistake I did was not doing enough projects and simply trying to consume content, this had resulted in loads of frustration + lower confidence level; so take slow but steady path to the peak


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Ok Vikram, thank a lot for your advice!


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