Transferring codepen => vscode => git

Hey all,

I’m taking some time out today to learn how to transfer my codepen projects into vs code and then into git so I begin to start showing activity on my github account. If anyone has a good method for this please let me know.

One thing I have noticed is that when I paste my css from codepen into vscode some of the assignments i made aren’t transferring. Can someone help me identify what I’m doing wrong? Attached is a picture


to clarify, its “body” that is not working!

$yellow is not valid CSS. Is there any pre-processor used in the project that you miss in your local project?

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You’ll probably have better success with using the CodePen “export” feature than copy-pasting.

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Does “export” only come with pro code pen? Is there a way I can do it without paying?

Also, I just commented out yellow, I believe it was used just so I can keep track of the code for the color. Can you help identify why body specifically isn’t transferring? Thank you!

No. It’s in the free version.

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