Transform property not working

I think I have a problem, I didn’t name the image in the HTML side I just used img src then pasted the link, I think this is an issue because when I tried to change the image size with the “drake image” class name when I try to use the “transfer: scale” thing It doesn’t move.

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As mentioned in the other discussion you need to create a class in the image tag.

When I google, html classes the first result is this

It shows you how to add a class to a html element.
Without it nothing is going to happen.

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Using just scale for the image will make it fixed in size and not responsive. It needs to be able to scale down as needed. You can revisit the challenge Make an Image Responsive.

I didn’t want to make a new topic so soon after this one so I thought I’d just reply to this. I need help moving my image to the center of the page:

Never mind, I figured it out
i think this is would work fine . hope this solves your issues.
i think its helpful

@djdas1033, giving out answers usually doesn’t help. We try and guide people so they can get a deeper understanding of what they’re doing.

thank you for helping! :slight_smile:

sorry its my bad , i m actually new to this site . actually i dun knw the rules and regulations .actually i was in search of partice questions but unfortunately i landed up here . i thought these are the questions so i corrected the code

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