Transitioning from Biology to Machine Learning

Hi, I have completed a PhD in computational Biology.
I don’t have a CS background, rather I learnt how to code in my PhD (R and a little Python) and completed a successful exploratory PhD doing genomic research.
However, now that I am seeking jobs in the industry as a bioinformatician, I am having a harding time even finding job opportunities, in bioinformatics.
My question here is would it be worth my effort, and what are the chances of success if I try and learn Machine Learning and strive to get a job in it. I am not a hard-core software engineer, nor did I ever learn or deeply understand the topics about O or programming efficiency, nor am I a math or statistics expert. However, I am a good learner, I am a self-taught scripts writer, coder, and have a mathematical way of thinking, but no formal education.
I am worried that I have too big of a gap compared to people coming from math, engineering, CS or physics.
What do you guys think?
Thanks for advice