Traversing document only gathering 1 instance not all instances of target element

EDIT: AH…ID’s are unique. Yet each anchor tag has the same ID on the full page. YT is using a “formatted string” inside the anchor tag as well, any clue how to access that?

Hi, i’m trying to collate the video titles for a page of youtube videos.

here is the link I’m using

I started to copy & paste the titles, but realized javascript would be faster.

I used this which is straightforward, but it only grabs the first video title, 1 character at a time:

I don’t understand why it’s not grabbing all the videos on the page instead of just the first video?

titles = []
    titles = document.getElementById("video-title-link").title

getElementById will only ever return either one element or null. Note, the method is called getElementById and not getElementsById. Instead of targeting the id, use querySelectorAll and target something else.