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Hey there, coding family!

I am Trebla(21) and in this thread I will share my goals and code-wise plans I wanna execute in the next five months. I am currently an almost drop out / self-taught internist in a tech company. Just started their academy as a PHP candidate for Junior Position.

So I have few weeks to really shine… Moreover, I am planning to move to the UK (from Czech Republic) during summer as I wanna live with my British partner that I met during hikes in Spain las year.

As I have been doing this self-taught thing basically alone for few months I just started to feel some burnout syndromes therefore I am starting this sort of a blog thread.I wanna try to be little bit more involved in the coding community… and I am here to give and receive any piece of advice :slight_smile:

Knowledge: PHP (OOP), JS, jQuery, MySQL, MVC, Composer, CSS, (some) Bootstrap…


  • Being comfortable with advanced MySQL and grasping MongoDB
  • Imrpoving my Vanilla JS knowledge, adding advanced jQuery and learning React/Redux (Vue.js if I choose Laravel) and some Node.js
  • Learning a MVC PHP framework such as Symphony or Laravel
  • Learning Wordpress for some of my sideprojects/possible freelancing
  • Being comfortable in Bootstrap and more advanced CSS concepts
  • git
  • Being comfortable using command line
  • Posting an article weekly on my Medium blog about some tech concept
  • Starting my coding presence on social media


  • Creating my portfolio page and connecting it with some APIs
  • Creating a new website for my Badminton club
  • Creating a new website for my almost PRO badminton buddy
  • Getting at least 3 FreeCodeCamp certificates
  • Contributing in a OpenSource and a FreeCodeCamp Project
    I assume my goals will be updated based on the choices and my future work requirements


  • Clean Coder
  • Pragmatic Programmer
  • Eloquent JS
  • You Don’t Know JS
  • Don’t Make Me Think
  • Computer Networks
    -Cracking the Coding Interview
    If you have any recommendations dont hesitate and share :slight_smile:

I wish everyone on here GOOD LUCK with their coding crreers and coding ambitions!

Open for any form of coding cooperation on projects :slight_smile:


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First off, welcome :smile:

Second, wow your plan is very ambitious for 5 months haha, Idk how much free-time you have, but it seems like you want todo a lot in not much time. I wish you luck, and recommend prioritizing the tasks, don’t try to do all of them at once (you’ll go insane haha)

Here’s some general advice id like to throw your way :smiley:

  1. Books are great to learn whats out there, not to gain experience, if you want experience build stuff.
    It’s not that books have nothing to teach, rather books don’t give you the opportunity to fail, and when you fail you learn. Without failing, you won’t get a good idea of what things are like when your actually using it. No matter if its PHP, JS, or Java, if you don’t practice it you don’t really learn it. Best way to practice is to go out and build stuff.
    Because of this I recommend trying to build the projects before anything, odds are you will fail and fall flat very quickly. Good, go out and read some books, do FCC, learn a few things.

  2. Read Clean Coder first out of all your books. I personally believe this book will be the most useful regardless of what your doing, where your doing it, and who your doing it with. It tells you how to approach code in general.

  3. You must learn git at some point.
    Regardless of language, framework, stack, front-end/back-end you probably will want to use git to host your projects, and will probably use it at work. As such, knowing, learning and using git is pretty important regardless of what your doing.

  4. Network and market yourself if your looking for jobs soon.
    Networking and marketing yourself is what will get you jobs regardless of where you go. Be sure to have your projects on github (so people see you have done stuff, and not just talk about doing stuff), and don’t miss any opportunities at your internship, or otherwise.

  5. go out and learn how to fail
    This is my go-to advice for learning programming, which I already mentioned a little of, but really wanted to re-state for emphasis haha. I say go and try to build something complex, outside of your comfort zone, using things you don’t really know. You will fail at some point in the process, but thats good, you need the experience so you can learn how to get back up and keep going. Being able to run into a brick wall, and find a way to get back up and solve your problem is the grit, and experience you need to be able to learn anything.

Goodluck and keep building things :smile:

Looks like you will burn out in a short time, but I still wish you good luck!