Treehouse frontend web development techdegree

Can anybody tell me about this course…is this course worth it?

In my opinion better to browse w3schools there have a lot of examples or youtube channels about front end. From a course you will know nothing. Like now you can download any free templates you want and modify it. See how it works etc. Like you wanna made a website from scratch?

But will w3school make us industry ready?

There have all css and html and a lot of more things reference what you can use. So you need to use it. For industry is depends what quality you want to make. But like WordPress websites who sell themes on that just copy paste the theme folder and activate. And WordPress usage in the world still will growing. The best place is w3schools to understand all options. There not have a lot what you need to learn just understand how it works. Like as said download a theme and edit it. See how it works.

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how to learn wordpress?Can you give directions and tips?

If you want make a theme download a child theme. Open text editor and browse the settings. Like you just google how to make child theme. Is not that hard. My first language is not english but I think who know good english that from start understand what is height and with for example and how it works in a 2D x y axis. If you want to learn wordpress write on youtube make websites with worpdress. This is back end editor based so you dont need know front end.

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thank you bro…will sure look for it