Treehouse vs Codecademy premium

Has anyone used both Treehouse and Codecademy?

I accidentally bought a year of Codecademy pro last year, and it’s running out. I still have a ways to go, and am going to pay for some kind of premium service, so I was curious what others think about Treehouse vs Codecademy…

Hey @ThomasAurelius!

I tried Team Treehouse’s free trial and liked that it was beginner friendly and had a wide selection of course offerings. But I ended up not getting the paid subscription because I felt like it wasn’t going to offer anything drastically different from the free sources. Like for example their projects were the same projects that you could do through the free sites like FCC, youtube, or odin project.

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I use FCC and YT too, but FCC is more of a skills check… I don’t learn much by doing their exercises alone.

Have you done the projects on FCC? Those are intended to be where the biggest learning comes in from integrating all of the small skills from the exercises.

I agree with @JeremyLT’s comment about building projects and learning the most that way.

I just personally feel like teamtreehouse’s projects were the same beginner level projects that everyone else does. The full stack javascript techdegree has projects like a random quote generator, react gallery, and an interactive form. They do also have a SQL Library Manager but you could also find that online through youtube or udemy.

I think their content is fine and it is great that there are so many resources all in one place. For me it is not a huge step up from the other sources that are out there at a much lower cost.

At the end of the day, you have to pick the resources that work best for you and there are plenty of people who have gotten jobs after learning through teamtreehouse and codeacademy. It is just didn’t work for me.

Happy coding!

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Yes I had, and those projects were good. But I found I got very little retention from just typing out what was instructed in the lessons. I even did some twice, and still struggled to remember skills when working on the project and had to go look them up again.

I think I’m going to try Treehouse pro for a month and see how it goes.

I did like that codecademy had a little quiz/review app that I could work on in 10 minutes, like waiting for an appt etc.

Whatever you prefer. Honestly though, if you can complete all of the freeCodeCamp projects, then paying for some teaching service won’t really give you anything new. In my opinion, once you have completed all of the freeCodeCamp projects, it’s time for you to start working on your own projects in order to continue learning.

I get that. I’m a mixed mode learner. I like the videos. I’ve always done FCC and Codecademy until now. I keep taking unintentional breaks and lose some understanding and have to go back again. I do like that FCC its easier to find the specific lessons though

Are we meaning the same thing when we say ‘project’?


Yep. Done the top 5. And the first and third on the second. Then life hit me and I took a break and havent got back to them.

I’m adverse to paying for things I can get for free. I’d repeat the things you got rusty on in your absence and finish the things you haven’t, but if you prefer to pay for the same knowledge, that’s cool too

Treehouse should be your prime method of learning more about web development. It serves best if you take the skills you learn from the videos and incorporate them into an unrelated web project. They empower you to write code without setting up any installations, so you don’t have to worry about any of that as you’re learning. The quizzes also help you solidify your knowledge.