Triangle Hover Effects

Hello! I have not done any coding for a while and I’m doing it again for fun. I am following along with a video as a “refresher course”. I have run into an issue with my code.

How do I resize my images and place them correctly?

Since you’re copying along you know it must have been a typo. They’re the hardest things to spot.

Try copy/pasting your CSS code into this CSS validator.
You’ll see your typo.

I believe it is not an error, but rather a problem in that i found differently shaped and sized images while the original creator used images that were all the same size.

You can use one of your images four times to ensure they’re all the same size and you’ll see the error still persists.
When I corrected your spelling errors things displayed correctly. That is, they displayed the same as the video.

EDIT: There is extraneous/unnecessary code in your CSS but that in no way is contributing to it not displaying the same as the video. Once again, that is only due to the two spelling errors.
When you correct those spelling errors, your pen will display the same as the video.

Thank you. I will look at it. I’m surprised all the things I’ve used didn’t detect the problem.

Just realize the link for the validator was incorrect. I’ve corrected it.
Run your CSS code in the validator and you’ll see the spelling errors.

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Thank you. I know my project has a lot of unnecessary code in it and it’s not part of the video. Most of it was leftover from my trying to solve my problem. As I said, I just started coding again and I pretty much am terrible at it. It’s more a hobby that helps me combine my other passions altogether.

Hopefully I once again begin to learn more about my favorite language, CSS, and will soon no longer need assistance in such trivial issues.

No worries. Happy to help.

If you don’t already have it in your toolbox, here’s the link for the HTML validator.

Have fun.

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