Tribut Page - Steve Jobs (First project)

Hi guys,
I just finished the Tribut Page,
It is the second attempt and I look forward to your opinions and criticis.
I tried to make all the CSS from zero, but I also got a little inspiration from the bootstrap.css file.

I have to questions, what do you think about that “time charter”, could I write the code differently / better ?
And two, to be the page responsive I used the @media (max-width: 768px) … is here a another solution for my css?

Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy my first project.
A great day :slight_smile:

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I think you blew this project out of the water. I was honestly very impressed with this project, you did very well. I have a few suggestions, but nothing that I think you should be too concerned about. You may want to give them a look, however.

  • At the bottom of your page in the copyright information, as well as in this topic’s title, you are spelling “tribute” as “tribute.” This is just a simple spelling mistake that can easily be fixed.

  • Make more things clickable. As frequent users on the web, people can get used to being able to click most things on a page. They would expect the picture of Steve Jobs, to be clickable, and maybe even the title of your page. I would simply put more links in your page. I wouldn’t style them any differently, but I would make them clickable. At least the picture of Steve Jobs, in my opinion.

  • I understand that the theme is black and white like the apple brand, but maybe add some more color? I wouldn’t look into this too much, but I would give it a thought. I personally think that the page looks just fine the way it is, but I thought I would put it out there anyway. Don’t feel obligated to add this to your page.

  • I wouldn’t use an ordered list to display Steve Job’s awards. I would use an unordered list, and even then, I would get rid of the bullet styling. In my opinion, I think the list would look much better without any bullet points or numbers on the side.

  • If you’re experienced with CSS animations at all, I would definitely add those in. It can take your page from being static to being fun and engaging, and will overall improve your webpage with just a few simple animations. They’re very easy to do, I would look into them.

Other than that, amazing work. I would like to congratulate you on your efforts, especially with the responsiveness of the page. I would be very proud of this.

I just made my tribute page which is about Steve Jobs too how it looks?

Hi @nada002 !

Congrats on completing the first assignment for the responsive design certification!

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