Tribute and Portfolio pages Maximilien

Hey Folks,

Freecodecamp is a nice course to learn full stack ^^. Here, you can find my 2 first projects :

-Tribute page :
-Portfolio (on work of course need to be updated progressively) :

I’m big fan of “simple” design. Too much fx kills the fx. :smiley:

Sorry about my English, I’m not really fluent but I try to do my best to be easily understood.

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Ohh what a cool tribute page! Very unique… the only thing is on mobile view, his name gets cut off, so maybe consider making the text responsive.

Verrry cool portfolio…! And I love the text effects in your title! But the same issue here with mobile view…its so large that you can only see 2 letters in your name per row, sometimes even only one…so it takes a lot of scrolling just to get past the header.

Thats it though, you did really well!