Tribute and portfolio pages


I’ve completed the first 2 projects and would appreciate some feedback.
I’m not sure how this works, but a code review would be nice.
As far as the visuals go, I don’t have much imagination so I haven’t
diverged much from the examples (hardly at all for the tribute page).

I also have some questions regarding the portfolio page; maybe someone
can help:

  1. What do you think about using id selectors when creating styling rules?
    Codepen said to only use classes, so I’ve adjusted my code to do so, but
    I feel it’s kind of pointless for the sake of this small project.
  2. At certain window sizes scrollspy doesn’t work properly (it won’t highlight
    the last element in the navbar). Has anybody else come across this problem?
    Do you have a solution?



Thank you in advance for your comments!


I copied the design of the tribute page as well. Your copy looks exactly like the example so good job! The image isn’t showing for me, though. It looks like I need to be logged in to my Google account for some reason.

Your portfolio looks good. I don’t know how much experience you have, but if these are your first projects they are really good. The design is simple and clean without any unnecessary animation etc. The only thing I noticed: there is no link to your tribute page.

There is not much code to review, but I don’t see anything weird in there.

Everybody has its own opinion on classes vs IDs, but I think most people use classes. The idea is that classes are reusable. So if a certain class makes an element blue with a red font of 25px and you would want that on another element as well, you can just use that class on that element. IDs come in handy when you work with JS.

I haven’t had any issue with the scrollspy.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your comments. I stored my images in Google Photos; maybe that’s why you are asked to log in to Google (was not aware of this issues, so maybe I’ll look for a different storing option to fix this).
I’ve thought about adding a link to the project, but since the example had only screenshots, I kept it simple. Will probably add a link since it’s not much work, but it’d also need to think of a hover effect - this is the daunting side, as it takes me forever to decide on colors, fonts and such :))

Alternatively, it is possible to access the projects on my personal webpage, even though it’s a work in progress. There should be no issues viewing the images there.



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