Tribute - Andalucía, Spain - please give feedback!

Tribute - Andalucía, Spain - please give feedback!
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Hi everyone,

Here is my first project:

Andalucía Tribute Page

Could you please look and give me feedback, on readability, performance, and markup? I tried to be efficient and organized with my CSS but I don’t know how I did on that.

I made this page using HTML and CSS, including the Bootstrap library. Eventually I want to try a Grid-based version of this so I appreciate insights on responsive strategies, too.

Thank you!!


I think you did a great job with this project. The way the sections are laid out is interesting and I made it to the end of the page.

Personally, I would have remove the grey text background on span.intro-name; make the background images darker and the font weight a bit thicker. I think it’s more readable that way.

Another issue I have is with the buttons on the bottom section. I would not have guessed they were buttons if I had not hover over them. Maybe, you can change the colors of the buttons and the text so that they are more distinct. Or you can separate them visually, like adding a padding around the buttons, or moving them to another side.


Thank you for looking and giving feeback, JuanTamad! You make good points - I will work on these suggestions.