Tribute Challenge - feedback request

Hello, any help appreciated! Cannot get the image to be ‘responsive’, nor centred. I did get it to centre nicely with the CSS code that is currently commented out, but this failed the ‘responsiveness’ test, apparently. Any ideas? Hopefully the link below works.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi, what they want is for you to center the #image element within the #img-div directly, which would work when you change the display property of the image to block. Relevant challenge here

For responsive image, set max-width:100% so the image can never be bigger than its container. Relevant challenge here

#image {
   margin 0 auto;

Thanks @MatchaCrisp, that worked. I guess I was trying to do this within the #img-div ID, rather than within the #image ID. I wonder if we didn’t have to use their chosen ID names whether my original code would have worked, because you could see from that commented code that I did try this approach, but had my IDs wrong. That was a lesson in order of ID calling, thank you!