Tribute Elon Musk feedback

Welcome back to me after several weeks (months ?) !

I’ve redone the tribute project, with some javascript, svg pictures, grid display and variables, no framework, fully responsive.
Please leave any comment you like, I will really appreciate :slight_smile:

Tribute to Elon Musk

Thank a lot, cheers !

PS 1 : really love the new design and the news projects of FCC !
PS 2 : I’m not native English, sorry by advance…


Love it. The hover slides over info is well done.

Some suggestions: Different formatting on text (size, type, spacing, color, padding, and such) to make it easier to read.

Also maybe giving the logos a smoother presentation.

I different background color in footer would help (but this is more personal preference than anything.

Way to go.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, made some changes.
Have a good day.