Tribute Feedback please

Can you please review? I couldn’t manage to add margin-top and margin-bottom to the descriptive text of the image.

The structure is there and you nailed the assignment.

Looks like you had a typo for the margin. the word margin is spelled margip.

In CodePen, you want to avoid using tags like html, head, and body within the HTML side. You can go into the settings of the Pen to assign those details.

I see that you are using SCSS instead of CSS. Is there logic to this?
Also see you are using JS to assign a font-size.
Practicing I presume? I don’t blame you there. I have been building entire HTML pages only using JS to get fluent with it.

I see that you’ve created some styles for

  border-style: none;
  border-color: green;
  border-width: 4px;

They aren’t showing up.

Instead of creating a class for green borders, why not use BootStrap’s built-in border classes?

To create a basic border around something use class “border”, if you want to change it’s color you can use class “border border-success”. Don’t forget to keep “border” in the class name because that’s what defines the border, and the “border-success” will define it’s color.

Keep on trying new things. Since this project is focused on BootStrap, I recommend trying to achieve your end result using as much of it’s pre-built CSS as possible.

Good Luck and Keep it Up

Thank you for your detailed comment, I’m just trying to update my page with your feedbacks.

I didn’t even know that it was SCSS (and I still dont know what scss is :slight_smile: ), I’ll learn.

The white (~2px) border around the picture is still missing… I’ll also try to add it later.