Tribute Feedback (Stan Lee)

Hi campers, beginner coder here (never coded anything before from scratch). This first project challenged me to play around with css and I thought it was fun! I haven’t made it mobile-friendly so if you have any general tips or feedback it’d be appreciated. I know there may be better ways to align “Stan Lee” in the header, for example… but I did what I could with what I know!

Stan Lee tribute:

Thanks and happy coding :slight_smile:


Looks great! Few suggestions.

Well done :clap::tada:

Yes, I really like it.

Congrats on your first project from scratch! You clearly have a great eye for design. Your layout, colors, and typography look good.

If you want to modify your CSS for a responsive, mobile design, you should tweak your sizing units from px to something responsive such as vw, vh, em, or rem. This article from Google gives a decent overview of responsive design and units. You could also review a few of the lessons in fCC’s responsive design category. This lesson, for example, shows how using percentages instead of pixels can make an image responsive.

To piggyback @shadew’s comment:

I absolutely love Stan Lee so this made me really happy to read. I really like the comic book style you used to style the page, it really looks nice together.

If I had to make some suggestions it would be the following:

  • I would consider increasing the font size a little on the bottom. It’s a little hard to read.
  • It’s not responsive on different screens so start reading up on different sizing units, like @shadew stated again. It probably shouldn’t be a huge deal for your 1st project but just keep that in mind moving forward.

To be honest that’s really it. Great job I love your style! :clap::clap::clap:

@shimphillip @RadDevDad @shadew @eggsplice

Appreciate all for your feedback and thanks for the resources! :pray:t3: The tips are really helpful in being mindful about responsiveness and better readability for future projects. I’ll rework it!

Great job. Fellow beginner coder here. I really like it.

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