Tribute Help & Extra Challenges

I have all but completely finished the HTML and CSS tribute page but have issues with the last 2 requests involving the layout of the img. I will link the project below and will also ask if anyone has any challenges for me to spruce this up a bit, Id be very receptive to it as I’d like to put a lot of what was covered to use.


Edit: Updated the code and it seems as if I have gotten it down but would still like to have any challenges from others who would help me try and improve this.

Improved Code:

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

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Hi @PreCookedBread

nice project! Congratulations on finishing and figuring out how to pass all the tests.

Do you know this channel? :smiley:

A “challenge” that comes to mind would be to pick some fonts to specifically create an atmosphere that fits the content. Maybe something from the “display” or “handwriting” categories of google fonts:,Handwriting

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I love that channel this video actually inspired me to do my project on Stan actually! And thank you I’ll get to looking through these fonts and selecting a few to stylize the page.