Tribute - Miyamoto Musashi

I’ve just started my project. I haven’t submitted to the challenge. Feedback welcome.

See the Pen Tribute Project FCC by Lack Douangmanilay (@LuckMonster) on CodePen.


Nice :thumbsup:

I noticed that you lacked four closing </div>s. Build the habit of closing tags that require their closing pair. With properly closed tags you can take advantage of editor features such as collapsing code (see those little arrows on Codepen’s editors?). And it clearly defines a tag’s scope.

If ever you want to clean up your code be sure to go to this page and insert your code :slight_smile:

Your page looks good – how about going to Google Fonts and finding a cool font to match the samurai theme :smiley:

Thank you all for the feedback, greatly appreciated! Per your suggestions I added the div closing tags and also added a font to match the samurai theme.

Very interesting topic! I love the quote! May I ask how you found out about this person?


  • Increasing the body font to a minimum of 18px.

  • Having one separate font for the header texts and another separate font for the body text.

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-family: "header-text-family", backup-fonts } body { font-family: "body-text-family", backup-fonts }

  • Perhaps you could be a tad bit more descriptive with naming your classes.

Overall, awesome job man!

Hi Jinrawx,

I am a huge history buff. History been my favorite subject in school. I’ve learned about Miyamoto from the History Channel. From this exact show:

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Thank you so much for your reply. I majored in Japanese in college, and my only exposure to Miyamoto Musashi was from a Japanese Manga, Vagabond. I’m gonna bookmark that youtube video and check it out sometime soon! Thanks for sharing! :smile_cat:

Just an update! I watched that documentary over the last two days and I loved it!! I think I might delve deeper into the Vagabond manga and check out some more stuff about him. Thanks again for sharing that video! :smile_cat:

Loving the subject matter! Miyamoto Musashi is a fascinating person! 3 things:

  1. Kind of like jinrawx’s original post: If you’re using the same font through out the page you could add:

    body {
    font-family: ‘Ravi Prakash’, cursive;

That way you just need to add classes / IDs for stuff you need / want to tweak. (Font-size, placement, etc.)

  1. The Timeline is very small and with the expressive font it makes for a difficult read. I feel 20px to 25px works pretty well, but that’s just from my tried old eyes. >_<

  2. The tags should be more descriptive, If you’re working on a team or wanting other to look at the code, the tags should be able to point to a particular part of the page.

Outside of those minor things, The page is looking good!