Tribute. My first page

Hello everybody. :crazy_face: Please go and look my tribute page So i can have suggestions to make it better.

I honestly understood nothing on the page itself, but its pretty nice.

Limit your page width to 300 pixels (Body)

min-width: 320px;

Use screenfly to see your webpage on different screen sizes -->

(Have auto scrolling on, 3rd button to end)

Thanks michaeknicol
Hey very nice app. Didn’t Know “screenfly” i’m making the change tanks.

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You can use the built in dev tools instead of screenfly. I tried screenfly and it didn’t work well.
Dev tools sometimes bug but are most of the time very good.

screenfly is also good, but wow thanks for that, never knew that existed.

that’s in the Google Chrome, right?
That’s very helpfull.
Thanks Tech.

right click --> inspect


Firefox and Chrome :slight_smile: I heard Chrome’s dev tools were better. I was on Firefox thought.

Looks good, I would change either the text color in the poem box or the background color, as it’s pretty low contrast at the moment.

Tank u for your coments. I just made some changes in the background of the poem.