Tribute Page 2017 vs 2018 opinions please

Hi there! It’s been almost two years since I first sign into FCC. The first year I felt pretty lost. Some things came up, I complete several challenges but I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing. So: here it is my last year tribute page and here is my 2018 tribute page.

I’ve decided that I was going to use the exact same info and image. But try to improve what I’ve done in the past. What do you think? Do you see improvements in the code? Some suggestion? Something that you think I could change but I didn’t?

Thanks n.n

You’ve probably learned a lot since then, but this project isn’t large enough to really spot much difference. The code and output are very similar, even the font and sizes. In both versions you have some unused IDs/Classes.
You’ve put your CSS into CSS tab and your code is a bit easier to read, which is good.

Other than that, there isn’t really anything different.

Thank you! I knew there wasn’t much difference. But I was looking for this kind of advice. IDs were mandatory but I didn’t realize to use them in my CSS. Really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: