Tribute Page 8/10 image sizing and positioning

Hello, my tribute page seems to follow all the rules but gets stuck at 8/10

As you can see the images size to their parent container and never go beyond their maximum size, and they are centered. Yet it won’t get past it. It must be looking for something specific?

Can you put the FCC test menu back in your project so we can run it for ourselves?

yes sorry it should be there now

For error 7 under Content, id’s must be unique for HTML elements. You have two elements using the ‘tribute-link’ id.

For issue 1 under Layout, read the error message carefully. It tells you exactly what you need to change.

error message? I didn’t see an error ‘message’

When you run the tests and you get the red 8/10 test button, click on that button and it will show you all of the messages that the tests produced.

oh ok i fixed it apparently I forgot about display: block thanks.
which is weird because I already had found a way to limit the size using grid but I guess there was a simpler way

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