Tribute Page: a Tribute to Roger Zelazny: Feedback Appreciated

This is my “Build a Tribute Page” submission. I am just starting on coding, so any feedback would be great!

Hi, the first thing I can say is that your Bootstrap classes don’t work because they’re not correct.

<div "Jumbotron"> should be <div class="jumbotron"``>

Same for container and maybe other classes, I haven’t checked.

You didn’t close your <li> tags.

And you used class="col-md-4"> but this should be in a <div class="row"> to work (at least at first).

So check those things and then come back for feedback :wink:

[edit] Also you have div tags inside a tags that aren’t used for anything except a class attribute. Maybe you could find another way?

Thank you for the feedback! I fixed those things, and tightened it up. I did not realize I had typed the bootstrap for Jumbotron incorrectly, so thank you for that.

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I like the page; you’ve made some good decisions.

Things I like:

  • Font choice is nice
  • Look of page is clean and simple - not too much noise most of the time (see below)

Things To Consider

  • I don’t know that I like the zoom on hover thing you’ve got going on. It creates what I feel is unnecessary noise and you also lose some of the image.
  • I can see why you’d want to have the awards font smaller, but it seems a bit awkward to me. I’d say at least raise the font size of the heading, if it were me.

Just my two cents - I’m a beginner as well!

I like your ideas. I encapsulated the Awards heading into an “h2” tag. I am just playing with the hover item as I saw it on another page and liked it a lot. I agree it does clutter up the clear lines, though. Especially now as I played with the RGBA attrributes to give one a red glow as you hover and give the other a blue glow.

…This is how 90’s gif happy websites happened, right? People too excited about random cool parts of HTML and CSS.