Tribute Page - Abdul Kalam (Feedback Appreciated!)

Hi everyone, I started a few days ago the Responsive Web Design course and completed this first project.

I’d really appreciate any feedback.



Great work here @abhisha5993,

One thing I’d suggest,

  • Create a media query for mobile. You are targeting the minimum.
  • When creating a mobile version, have the sections be on top of each other.

Your markup is using the header below the main. I would have created two main sections (no pun intended).

  1. Main tag, to hold the two sections
    Section 1, to hold the name and the picture, and what you have below,
    Section 2, to hold the article and the header

Makes sense? That way it could be easier to pinpoint the media queries.


Thank you so much @germanbobadilla for reviewing my code, it really make sense to create two main sections and put article inside section. (I always get confused section inside article OR article goes inside section). And yes I’ll work on media queries.

Thanks again!

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It’s good.

You could add some padding on the hero section when the view-port width is reduced.

Welcome to the forums @abhisha5993.

Great project :+1:

My two cents:

  • Is it codepen or is there too much empty space on the top of the page?
  • Looks like “Quotes” section text doesn’t quite fit into the available space so there is a pesky vertical scrollbar there
  • I think there should be no space between quotation marks and the quote text itself. Right now it is causing dangling marks to appear