Tribute Page about Arnold Schwarzenegger

I just finished my first project on freeCodeCamp.

I’m a huge fan of the Austrian Oak so I decided to do the tribute page about him :smiley:

Can you provide some input on what to improve?


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First glance it looks really good! Arnold is a beast. I’m liking the comments in the CSS to differentiate between sections - makes it a lot easier to read.

Couple of things:

“Arnold Schwarzenegger as the governor of California” is hard to read since the text is pretty light against a white background.

The Contact Me section might be unnecessary for a Tribute Page, but cool none-the-less.

I have to apologize but I do not like a few things that could be edited, in my opinion, to make it better.

  1. The header font is really hard to read
  2. Email form color “blending” is very strong to the point you can hardly see anything as to what is required to type.

Just feedback. Other than that, everything else looks great.

Welcome to FCC (FreeCodeCamp)

Thank you! Yeah I just wanted to practice using forms not knowing the next project was a survey form :smile:

Thank you for the feedback!

Good point, the idea was to make the title seem like a signature or a text-logo but I can probably find an easier to read font on google fonts

I’ll add “color:gray;” to the inputs