Tribute Page about Konosuke Matsushita

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Hi Sagawa1860

I checked your code and here are some points I have noted down.
The body tag is intended to include everything regarding the content of your page. From simple text to images titles and headers. Inside head tag you should include the links for your library and css files, a link to a version of jQuery etc. Anything else should be included inside body.

You have mistakenly included h1 and h2 tags inside head. These two go to body with the rest of your code, and since you are using Bootstrap, inside the container. In general the container should be the div which includes everything in your tribute page.

Inside head you should include everything that is currently written above.

The white text has small font-size and it’s hard for someone to read it. If you would like to use the image next to your text then this is good for large-size screens. For medium or smaller sizes it’s good to have your image above the text. One way to do this in Bootstrap is the following

this is your text

Also there are some points about codepen i would like to mention. In general, every html code usually starts with

 then you open your html tag, which includes the head and body. In the head you declare your dependencies (links of libraries you intent to use, scripts, some styling etc.) and finally inside the body you write your html code. It seems you already know all these. However, in codepen you don’t have to write a head tag in your html section, since codepen has already included one with the pen you have opened to write. The html section refers primarily to the body tag and you are ready to start writing your code. You can custom your head if you press ‘Settings’ and there you can include js and css libraries like Bootstrap. The same goes with css section below html. Codepen has already included the file and it saves and sync everything when you press Save.

These are some initial notes that I think will improve you code. Please feel free to reply to my message. I’ll be happy to discuss.

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Hi iomikron

thank you so much for your comment.

It seems I forgot already have of the stuff I have learned during the first lessons. I tried to implement most of your suggestions and I have learned something for my future projects.

Really appreciate it.