Tribute Page - Ada Lovelace (feedback welcome)

I finished my first asigment, Ada Lovelace Tribute page
It’s a bit minimalistic, at least when it comes down to content. The responsiveness is a mess, and it does not look good when you open it on small devices. I did not managed to fit the photos in the grid system in % and a lot of measurements are in px, my guess is that’s the problem :disappointed_relieved:
As my first course project I’m still very happy with the result :slight_smile:

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Looks nice on desktop :thumbsup:

Most likely the pixel-based measurements are what’s breaking your page on mobile.

I agree. I can’t make the images fit using % though :confounded:

I fixed the responsiveness, now it works on all devices, and the font size of the quote is smaller on small devices like smartphones for easier reading.