Tribute Page: Ada Lovelace

Hey there,

This is my first webpage made from scratch.
It’s really basic, but I know there is lots of things that could be simpler.
I’m excited for constructive replies :upside_down_face:

See the Pen Build a Tribute Page by Alice Riccioppo (@amoraesx) on CodePen.

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute:

I really appreciate the reply @camperextraordinaire!
Gonna work on in it and post it later! :wink:
Thank you.

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute:

Hey @dracken2332, Thank you for the feedback! :tada:

Yes, I realized that I should be doing on my machine in the middle of the “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage” Challenge heheheh :grimacing: and yet, I finished there :poop:

I’m gonna study more Bootstrap and Flexbox and practice!
I saw some videos about CSS Grid, but I think it’ll make sense quicker if I learn the previous methods anyway.

Appreciate your time!

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute: