Tribute Page: Ada Lovelace

Hey there,

This is my first webpage made from scratch.
It’s really basic, but I know there is lots of things that could be simpler.
I’m excited for constructive replies :upside_down_face:

See the Pen Build a Tribute Page by Alice Riccioppo (@amoraesx) on CodePen.

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute:

I like the way the page looks on a desktop, but you need to figure out how you want the content in the main section (the 3 columns) to layout on smaller width screens like tablets and mobile phones. Currently, when the screen width gets narrower, it looks like below: You should shrink your browser’s screen width to test out what happens at various widths. One suggestion to gain more control over the layout is is to take advantage of Bootstrap’s grid system.

I really appreciate the reply @RandellDawson!
Gonna work on in it and post it later! :wink:
Thank you.

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute:

Hey @dracken2332, Thank you for the feedback! :tada:

Yes, I realized that I should be doing on my machine in the middle of the “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage” Challenge heheheh :grimacing: and yet, I finished there :poop:

I’m gonna study more Bootstrap and Flexbox and practice!
I saw some videos about CSS Grid, but I think it’ll make sense quicker if I learn the previous methods anyway.

Appreciate your time!

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute: