Tribute Page - Alain de Botton

Here is my first tribute page. It still needs some work. Not sure if it completely follows best practice. It also mixes bootstrap calls with my own CSS so not sure if that’s a good idea or not. I would love any and all feedback you may have. Thanks for your time!

Maybe I missed it, do you use the Lobster font?

and this will be helpful:

Thanks for the advice @hilary0

When you say maybe you missed it do you mean you can’t see my page? Lobster is not one of the fonts I have selected for any particular element but I just realizing that I did borrow the link from the tutorial which includes the Lobster font-family.

I am using the bootstrap text-primary class for the h1 heading and some other fonts for the links.

I added the 3.3.5 version you recommended I am now noticing an odd tendency for the header text to sometimes and sometimes not be contained within the light-grey element at the top of the page depending on how large the size of the window is.

If you have anymore advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

I can see your page! I was wondering why you were loading the Lobster font. I think loading fonts you don’t need uses up resources for no reason. Of course, on one simple little page it doesn’t really matter

The light grey box is not in the Bootstrap grid (the col-md-12) so it is not going to behave the same way as the text. I would change the background color within bootstrap. style=“background-color: LightGrey;” I think you can leave out the .intro div.