Tribute page - Alan Rickman

So, today I started my tribute page, which is dedicated to Alan Rickman. So far, it is pretty basic, and I have a general idea of where I want it to go. I have plans to add an image for the background, alongside change the header font, and maybe make a box for all the facts that I’ve collated.

Would anyone be willing to look at my page and have a look at the code? See if I’m doing things right.

Feel free to point out any errors in my coding - or if you have any pointers for design, then feel free to do so!

Click me to visit the link

Bootstrap columns width only goes up to 12. You used col-xs-14 in a few places.

Aside from that, the code looks good so far!

Thanks for the tips, Marie. I’ve changed it from 14 to 12!