Tribute page: Alexander Fleming

Hey everyone, I’m a beginner at coding and web developing and just finished the tribute page project. Hope you can give me any feedback regarding my project. Here’s the link.

also, I got a few questions on this project, I appreciate your help.

  1. While I was working on the project, I came across the display: inline-block, inline-flex, block'etc. It’s still a bit confusing even after reading about it on a couple of websites. How to distinguished the properties between these tags? and how to apply it to our web content.

  2. I noticed, the example web used <blockquote> near the end of the content. I used a quote from fleming instead (I didn’t use blockquote). Is there anyway to automatically change the quote to a different one eveytime we open the web? What do we use? Javascript, php, sql?

again, thanks for the feedback and help.
P.S: Sorry for the englsh… Not a native speaker.