Tribute Page - Alfred Hitchcock

My Tribute Page: Director Alfred Hitchcock

I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have on my Tribute page. I kept it simple, and followed the instructions to stick to Bootstrap without using CSS except for the one line of recommended CSS code. I kept it as close to the referred Tribute page without ever looking at Quincy’s code. Thank you.

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You did keep it simple, but I like the fact that you chose to do a slideshow at the top; that was a really smart choice. My only “critique” would be to give the list items some spacing.

Ok, well personally, I love his movies, so I love the page :blush: But yes, I would give some more room to the list items. And maybe start experimenting with some different fonts. I like the simplicity, but a few pops here and there help as well. But, that is all a personal opinion. Design is very unique to a person, so if you prefer the simplicity, stick with that. Looks great!!

Thank you both EnerioJJ and Hannahgram for your input. I chose to keep it simple because the directions say not to use CSS other than the recommended body code. I know most aren’t follow the directions to a tee like that, but I chose to. I did this so I could concentrate on learning Bootstrap. The next project I’ll have plenty of room to explore CSS in more detail. I did try to make the font better, but didn’t quite understand how to do it without using CSS.

Hmmm, yeah, not sure how to do that. I use google fonts, for all my stuff, and I thought they had a link you can place in HTML, but it didn’t look like it. I’m assuming if you can find the correct link, you would then do something like font-family: “Times New Roman” within your <p or <h2 tags

If I did it again, I would’ve followed this 3-part tutorial video: Build a Tribute Page. I think this channel was recommended earlier in the course or in the resources but I forgot about it. He also has a video series for the Portfolio project. I enjoy watching his process so I can have a better idea of workflow. That’s hard to learn with FCC alone.

Nice work! Simple and effective. I like the slideshow at the top as well.