Tribute Page, almost all bootstrap - Kindly review

Hi, this is my tribute page
Please let me know what you think from the design and content perspective

Question for you
For the positioning of the book titles at the bottom I saw myself forced to use some CSS
Any other way to accomplish the same with pure bootstrap? Just wanting to know if I dint over complicate things

.titles {
margin: 5px; - the default margin was too much for my taste
height: 110px; - This was to make them all as high as the longest title
color: rgb(0,128,128);

Then I couldn’t find another way to make the shorter titles center horizontally, so I have an even more specialized class:

padding: 30px;

Was there any other way to accomplish the same?

Thank you in advance for your insights

Not even one comment?
Did I post in the wrong category?

Hi Paula,

No you didn’t post in the wrong section :slight_smile: , I’m assuming the more active members were just sleeping.

Regarding your question about using your own CSS in combination with bootstrap. I don’t think that you over complicated it, however I think it would be worth considering whether or not you actually need to use Bootstrap in the first place.

Bootstrap is a bit opinionated in that it ‘wants’ things to look like Bootstrap, this can end up making your life a bit difficult when you want a more custom look . Having to use !important to override styles isn’t the most elegant way of going about styling either.

Also, especially when starting out, Bootstrap and other CSS frameworks can end up being crutch. I found that trying to do everything in pure HTML and CSS helped out a lot when I started FCC.

In terms of design, I’m not a huge fan of how Bootstrap makes things look. I’m sure that you on your own could make it look a whole lot better :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father. From what I read in your Tribute he seemed like a very interesting man. “Hacer Aprendiendo”, that’s what we do here at FreeCodeCamp :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your work and good luck with your subsequent projects!

Thank you!

I have been considering the same thing, I am not a CSS whiz… yet, and bootstrapping everything will not help improve my CSS. I am already frustrated with Bootstrap 4 breaking my code because there is no backward compatibility. :roll_eyes:

I think I got carried away by the assignments and how they are all boostrappy like that.
For my portfolio, I think I am going CSS all the way!

Thank you!

And yes, my dad was truly awesome. All I can say is go tell your loved ones you love them and whatever you want to do for them or with them, so it soon, I get a lot of comfort for the things we got to do together, and sadness for the stuff we didn’t, but we must carry on. doing that assignment was rather emotional, but healing. :heartpulse:

No problem Paula. I’m looking forward to seeing your portfolio, please do post it!

Coding can be a form of therapy, no?:upside_down_face:

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