Tribute Page and Personal Portfolio Page feedback requested


I spent the week working on these, and now need some constructive criticism:

Also, here are some questions for my Portfolio page:

I used
to divide the sections, but HTML5 doesn’t provide support any changes to this tag. Can anyone provide guidance for replacing these white lines with something fancier?

How do I modify the page links so they align better with the nav bar? Right now the nav bar blocks some of the section header when a page link is used.

Any help on these would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,



You can modify an hr tag’s color by using CSS to set its border-color property

border-color: black;

I also recommend transferring all the rules set in the style attribute to CSS. You should get in the habit of defining IDs more because it will make future projects easier to manage.

For the nav bar clipping with the section header it’s a matter of the nav bar’s height and the section’s margin-top. Basically if the nav bar’s height is taller than the section’s margin-top they’ll overlap.

The site’s looking pretty neat. You’ve set a foundation that you can improve on as you go through the course and learn more about HTML/CSS/JS.

Thanks much for your feedback, this helps a lot.

Nice portfolio man! were you able to make this solely based on the concepts you learned from the HTML, CSS and BootStrap tutorials?

Somewhat. Some html elements weren’t in the tutorials, and I Googled a lot of topics related to Bootstrap’s grid system. Thanks for the positive feedback, I’m glad it looks good.