Tribute Page and Progress

Blew through 90 lessons yesterday and landed myself in the first project pit. It’s not much and I am proud of accomplishing it, but after browsing around and seeing all the awesome work here, it feels…inadequate. I’m wondering how I can get better, but is just using FCC a bad thing? I feel like it was a very spartan introduction to a bunch of new concepts that they wanted me to replicate when I hadn’t encountered much of the stuff in the tutorials. Next on the list is the Portfolio Page, but I feel like I’ll be drowning in research for the simplest of things in regards to implementing it from the example given without looking at the code. Any advice?


I think it looks great.

As far as the curriculum goes, have a look at this post in the FCC section of Medium.

I’m in the same boat as you are. The exercises flew by and I got to the Build a Tribute page and felt lost for a while. For a while I had a blue background with 1 light blue container. I kept thinking about how this looked so 1995. Everything was blue blocks with black text back then. :smiley:

But once you start finding answers to your questions by Googling it gets quicker as you go. At least that was my experience. I couldn’t find a way to get my text to look good with my container colour and I stumbled on a way to make the colour translucent. So a basic Google search about text colour turned into me finding a nice effect for a container and another one for box shadows.

A couple of days ago I felt the same way you did but today I feel great about what I’m learning.

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Hey, thanks a lot for the input and the article.

I definitely feel like I need a few intermediary projects under my belt before I try and tackle the Portfolio. I think I might try some of the stuff listed in the article and start working on JavaScript for the time being. I just hope that it keeps expanding on what was learned so far.

I hadn’t submitted my Tribute page until now.
I see what you mean, I think I need something else before I tackle this one. I didn’t realize the Porfolio was immediately after the Tribute page.

I like the way you have the background stationary while the rest can scroll. Very artistic. You seem to have a problem with your unordered list. The bullets are on the far left but each item in the list is centered. It gives a strange effect. A nice start.

bullet solution

Keep going at it Sei!

Thanks so much for the tips guys! I added a div to surround the list and gave it the text-center class, then added the ul rules for display:inline-block and text-align:left and that did the trick to straighten everything out. This works for now since I only have one list, but if I had multiple I think I might want to assign id’s especially if I wanted to format each differently.

Not gonna lie though, I kinda liked the offset bullets :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for the encouraging words.