Tribute Page and Survey Form Feedback

I keep forgetting to post these here for feedback. I know they are pretty simple, without a lot of creative aspects to it. I would love some honest critique to know what I can improve and where I should be focusing my practice. Thank you in advance to all responses!

Tribute page (Josh Kaufman):

Survey Form(Pet Survey):

nice simple tribute page :slight_smile: I would

shrink the container for texts so that the words are less stretched out.
Consider increasing fontsizes of your texts.

Interesting Pet survey, I would

align age inputbox with other input boxes on top like Name and Email.
change color of the mouse button on mouse hover.
change the cursor when mouse hovers on button.

Good luck!

Nice :slight_smile: I would suggest to add background color to tribute page , change font-family.
Also I cannot open the links " The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business " and " The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything … Fast! " when clicked.