Tribute page - animal crossing

Hi! I restarted learning how to code on freecodecamp and finished my first project (tribute page) 4 years after I first started (it initially was a tribute page to bjork). Please review my project. Here’s the link:
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Good job! I have one suggestion though. It could be nice if we get rid of the border on the bottom. Otherwise this is great!

Thanks Ryan! I’m not quite sure what border you mean? Is it the white border that surrounds the entire page? Or is it the grey border that separates the “About” section and the “Main Release” section when you reduce the screen size?

Welcome to the forums @rrrach_2. Nice job on your page.

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good job on your page. what you could also add, is making the older versions, links, to their specific wiki pages? if thats a thing!

Looks good! I see what Ryan means, the white border around the entire page. I had the same issue earlier. Add the following into your CSS.

  margin: 0;

I’m only a beginner as well so if this is bad practice then someone please correct me!

Thanks for the suggestion @paulgoogle ! I added the links just in case anyone wants to more about the other games.

It worked. Thanks @Chris896!