Tribute page: Any critique welcomed

This is the first site I built from the ground up. Any feedback or critique would be welcomed. I want to learn all I can.


I’d suggest to take away code from <style> tag and put it in CSS section, first of all.
It’s a good tone to have html & css in separate files. Plus you don’t need to connect Bootstrap 5 times, 1 would be enough.

Thank you. I’ve made the changes. The connect to Bootstrap five times was well I don’t know what that was. Confusion on my part.

You can play with text color as well, because white text on blue background is not really comfortable to read.
You can add this page to bookmarks in order to have fast access to useful tool with colors.
Plus don’t forget, that you can use a lot of different Google fonts, just connect them same way you connect Bootstrap (remember Lobster font in first lessons?)

Plus you can style your links as well - just add a:hover{}, a:visited{} to your CSS. Have fun!