Tribute Page | Anybody up for Critics?

I am Sohail from India.
Can you all please look at my work and let me know about it.
Suggestions are warmly welcome.
Here is the link to my Tribute Page Assessment - Tribute Page | Mel Blanc

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Hi @daffyest19xx and welcome to the community!

I love your tribute page! It looks lovely and I love the font you use. Just a recommendation: Make smaller the characters portraits smaller, I have to scroll a lot to read every popup from them.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi @LoneWanderer Thank you for taking your time out and responding to my work. I really appreciate it. I was thinking the same thing about setting up the height of the image.

Excellent page! In CSS after writing something with vendor prefixes write it one more time without prefixes for when it’s implemented and the browser no longer uses a prefix.

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@tlc35us Thank you for appreciating my work. I will keep that into consideration!